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Panama Public Schools



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ERate 2021

Welcome to Panama's ERate section. We have links to WAN documents and other location documents. Vendor questions along with responses will also be posted here as they become available. Check back often.


Document Downloads:

Panama WAN       


ERATE Questions:


WPS - While reviewing Panama’s RFP I find that the requested speeds for the Dedicated Internet Service is 1GB, 1.5GB and 10GB.  Additionally I find that the WAN link requested is 10GB.  What I cannot find or have overlooked is the demarc address for the Dedicated Internet Service and also the addresses for the WAN link.  I did go to the Panama Schools website and to the Erate section but found documents and references to the 2021 fiscal year.

 Please reply with the addresses for the internet service and also for the WAN link.

 After your review let me know of questions or comments.


Answer: The website has been updated. The demarc address is the high school at 401 High School Drive, Panama OK 74951. The WAN link goes from the high school to the Lower Elementary at 1101 Kentucky Ave, Panama OK 74951.

CATEGORY 2 Questions

Dylan's Computers:  What type of Fortinet firewall device do you have?

Answer: Fortinet FortiGate 201F - security appliance

Dylan's Computers:  What kind of license for your firewall device do you want quoted?

Answer: Prefer Fortinet FortiCare Bundle - 1 Year Extended Service (Renewal) - Service - 24 x 7 Next Business Day - Service Depot - Exchange - Parts Unified Threat Protection (UTP) (IPS, Advanced Malware Protection, Application Control, Web & Video Filtering, Antispam Service, and 24x7 FortiCare).

United Systems: We saw that you filed another E-ate FY2022 Category 2 470. The new 470 220014919 that was posted on Friday, January 21, 2022 matches the earlier 470 220010558 that was posted on January 5, 2022. I assume that the one posted on Friday is replacing the earlier one. There is a problem with the due date on Friday’s RFP Worksheet. You still have February 3, 2022, which was on the first 470/RFP. And the February 3 date doesn’t allow for the second 470/RFP to be open the required 28 days.

Answer: Thank you for your email. The 470 was redone because one item was in the wrong category. The RFP did not change but of course, the due dates have changed. The new due dates are posted on our website to prevent accomplishing the 470 again. RFPs cannot be added to a certified 470. The new deadline is February 18th. We had a power outage over the weekend and it did cause some local issues. As soon as the issues are resolved, we will post an updated RFP to our website. Your comments and a reply to your comments will be posted on the website. USAC sends us an email letting us know we have met the 28 day requirement. We never begin bid evaluation until that email is received. Thank you again for your email. Also, the corrected RFP is located at this link by clicking RFP Revised


Jess Warden, Skyrider.net 

Can you tell me how many drops are included in the following footage!?

7000 Ft Cat 6 cable drops from core switch Access Points, switches, desktops. 

HS (2000), MS (1000), EL(4000)

Answer: The narrative of our form 470 states: Length will vary on drops when requested so we are requesting 60 drops not to exceed 7,000 feet overall." To add to the 470 comments, 30 will go to Elementary, 20 to High School, and 10 to Middle School. These are estimates and length will not exceed 7,000 feet.

David Laase, United Systems

A previous response to the cabling stated that the 7000’ (not to exceed) Cat6 cabling is for 60 drops. That allows for an average of 116’ per run. Is that correct (most school cabling runs average much more than that)? Are all 60 runs for data and/or AP locations? Do you need wall boxes and tracking? Is a lift needed in any areas?


Answer: For most of our Aps installation is included in the price. Most of the required drops will be less than 100 feet. We will have two or three drops in our event center that will be over 200 feet. When we request cabling on the 470 we have to request cable overall length. Then we estimate how many drops. Probably a more accurate guess would be 30 to 60 drops. The key is we cannot go over 7,000 feet on cabling because that is what we asked for. 

A lift will not be required.


Basic Maintenance: Need a complete list of manufacturer, model, and quantity of all items (switches, AP’s, firewall, etc.) to be included in a BMIC proposal. How many years for the firewall renewal subscription? 


Answer: All our switches (48) are Unifi.  Each of our four main buildings has 48 port unifi switches.  HS - five 48 port switches with each one 24 port switch. MS -  one 48 port switch with one 24 port switch; Lower Elementary - four 48 port switches and one 24 port switch; Upper Elementary - three 48 port switches with one 24 port switch. We have nine 16 port switches and 16 eight-port Unifi switches. We have 55 Unifi Aps. Most of them are lites. Our Fortinet Firewall is  a FortiGate 201F. We are requesting a one-year license upgrade.