Pick a video below to show and discuss with your class.

Posts that Paralyze - Amy just can’t seem to escape the glares from Julia in the school hallways. Without knowledge of what she ever did to get on Julia’s bad side, Amy tries to go about her life normally. Things get out of hand when Julia starts to take her dislike of Amy onto social media outlets.

Cyber-Bullying Viral Video - What would you do if someone took a video of you while you were doing something really embarrassing and then put it online and shared it with everyone at school? Before you say, "Hide forever and never leave my house again!" watch what Alli decides to do. Sonia and Riley also demonstrate what bystanders can do to get people to stop sharing a humiliating video.

The Cyber Bullying Virus - The mind of a teenager is extremely vunerable, it will attract any negative comment in your direction as a attack on its soil.