Welcome to the 2018 Panama Public Schools Erate page. All questions received via phone or email will be posted here. The Revised RFP bids due date is in error. The closing date for bids is now March 8th due to submission of a revised Form 470.

A WAN document is located at this link. District WAN

1.What is the bid due date? According to Erate policy bids are due in 28 days. I plan to accept bids until Feb 22nd.

2.On page 6 of the RFP, there are times listed for a site visit, but no dates. What are the dates? I am in class four hours per day and working technology the other 3 hours. Coordination via email/cell will be required to acomodate a visit.

3.Is the site visit mandatory? No

4.Where on the www.panama.k12.ok.us website will the Q/A be posted? I am in the process of building the 2018 Erate page. The website address is http://www.panama.k12.ok.us/erate--2I have attached a WAN file for your review.

5.On page 6 of the RFP, it states questions must be submitted no later than 2/1/2018, but page 5 has a date of 2/15/2018. What is the Q/A deadline? QA deadline is Feb 20th.

6.How many Aruba wireless access points are you requesting? Seven. There is a difference between the RFP and 470.

7.What Aruba AP model do you currently have? Are they Instant or do you have a wireless controller? They are Aruba instant 205.

8.Is structured plenum network cabling required for the AP’s? Cat 6

9.If cabling is required, what is the building construction like? Ie drop ceiling? ceiling heights? Drop Ceiling. Ten/Twelve foot ceilings.

Wayne –

I am writing in regards to the above referenced Form 470 that was filed for your school district. I wanted to clarify whether the requested Internet Access with bandwidth requirements of 200Mbps – 5Gbps and voice services (38 lines) is under a long term contract with the current vendor? Windstream would welcome the opportunity to bid on these services for your district.

I look forward to your reply.

Response: We are under contract for internet but we are going out for bids for internet as well as phones.